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                CN EN





                Ron mission:
                Dear lover, earthquake disaster reduction.
                Ron vision:
                Continue to create value for customers, to become China's most competitive building seismic support suppliers
                Ron's core values:
                Integrity, honesty, serious, innovation, perseverance, courage
                Ron quality policy:
                Always to improve customer satisfaction as our relentless pursuit of the goal, by adhering to the "pragmatic,
                Cooperation, learning, innovation, the code of conduct to protect the quality of products and services continued
                Improve, so as to provide customers with high-quality stent products and system solutions.

                Company Mission: Worship environment and human; reduce the loss caused

                by earthquake.

                Company Vision: To become national most competitive manufacturer of seismic

                bracing, creating values for clients continuously.

                Company core value: Honest, serious, innovative, insistent, brave.

                Company quality policy: Improving customer satisfaction is always our

                persistent pursuit, LOONGEN continues to provide our customers with superior

                products and proven solutions to their particular needs by implementing the

                practice of "Pragmatism, cooperation, studying, innovation" to improve our

                service level and products quality.

                Copyright2020 LOONGEN (Shanghai) Architectural Science and Technology Co. Ltd